How to Carry a Pistol on a Bicycle

T.Rex Arms Sidecar holster and cz p10c mounted on a bicycle.

Carrying a pistol on a bicycle is a tricky thing to do. I did some research and learned all of the ways a pistol can be carried on a bicycle. This is what I learned.

A pistol can be carried on a bicycle on-body or off-body. A pistol can be carried in a jersey back pocket or inside a waistband holster. A bag on a bicycle or on person can stow a pistol. Mounting a holster on a bicycle is another off-body option.

On-Body Bicycle Carry

A pistol can be carried on-body while cycling. I don’t recommend this. This seems like it would get very uncomfortable on long sweaty bike rides. Go ahead and give it a try if you have a jersey with a pocket or an inside the waistband holster.

Pocket Carry in a Cycling Jersey

Option 1 is to keep a subcompact or micro pistol in the cycling jersey back pocket. A pocket carry holster will make this less rough on the back. Give this a try if you have the jersey and a pistol to put in it. If this doesn’t work for you, then inside the waistband carry is another option.

This guy carries a pistol in his jersey back pocket. Touch the play button to learn more.

Inside the Waistband at 4 O'clock

T.Rex arms sidecar holster at strong side inside the waistband on a bicycle

Andrew on his bicycle with a strong side iwb holster

Option 2 for carrying a pistol on a bicycle is to use a strong side inside the waistband holster. The pistol should be a striker fire. Revolvers and pistols with hammers should be avoided. A hammer or revolver can mix with sweaty clothing. Also, falling off a bicycle can jam the hammer into the side if the pistol is fallen on. Furthermore, dust and debris can stop a hammer or cylinder from functioning.

The holster should have some type of retention. The retention can be push button lock, a strap over the grip, or friction kydex retention. It should not rely only on gravity to keep the pistol in the holster. A pistol in a gravity only holster might fall out while cycling.

If you already have a compact or full size pistol and a strong side holster, then cycle with them and see if it’s comfortable for you. If not, the small size and lower weight of a subcompact pistol might improve comfort. If strong side carrying a subcompact does not work for you, then you can go with off-body pistol carry.

Off-Body Bicycle Carry

Off-body pistol carry is always more comfortable and better concealing than on-body carry. This is especially true when cycling mile after sweaty mile. That on-body pistol might get heavier and more noticeable after each mile. The downside is that off-body drawing is slower than waistband drawing. There are two ways to carry off-body on a bicycle: in a bag or mounting a holster to the bike.

To learn more about off-body concealed carry, read this article on off-body carry pros and cons.

Carrying a Pistol in a Bicycle Bag

bicycle with front and rear storage

There are many options for biking bags. If you already have one, then just put your pistol in there and ride around. When you are in a private area, draw that pistol. A 2 to 3 second draw is acceptable. That is about 1 second slower than waistband drawing. A more than 3 second draw stroke is not fast enough. I could not find a cycling bag with an internal holster. A concealed carry fanny pack is an option. I personally would not like to carry a bag while cycling.

Mounting a Pistol Holster on a Bicycle

I recommend doing this only if you can open carry legally. It is possible to conceal or mostly conceal a bicycle mounted pistol. However, you should not risk doing something illegal if something reduces that concealment.

Mounting Equipment