Is POM Pepper Spray Good ?

POM Peppers Sprays with a clip and keychain

POM Industries sent me some pepper sprays to try out. I tested them on a sheet of pepper and dummy head. This what I learned.

POM pepper sprays are good. They have a unique flip-top safety and an emphasis on style with over 30 color combinations. POM has a 50 state legal spray formula. Each unit is made of an FDA approved plastic without lead, toxins, or other harmful chemicals.

POM’s Spray Quality

POM pepper sprays have a very effective formula. It’s the highest OC content that’s legal to carry in all 50 states. The spray is a clear, water based formula.

The range is good. It’s 10-12 feet. That’s puts plenty space between a user and attacker.

The amount of spray gives 24 bursts or 10-12 seconds of continuous use. It’s enough spray at least two attackers.

I learned from testing that the stream brakes apart into droplets. This increases the odds of getting good eye and nose hits. It only takes one small drop to cause involuntary eyelid closure.

The POM Safety

POM’s unique flip-top safety is very good.

Most pepper sprays is size have a swivel safety. In my experience, swivel safeties easily get moved off safe and onto fire. I let a friend borrow a swivel safety pepper spray and he returned it to me with the safety off.

POM’s safety cannot be accidentally deactivated. The only way to neutralize the safety is to do it intentionally. This is done by lifting up the safety lid’s lip with a thumb. Doing this will result in the thumb being over the trigger. Pushing the thumb down will put the thumb on the trigger and make the pepper spray ready to use.

POM’s Focus on Style

Unlike any other pepper spray, POM Industries put effort into making a stylish pepper spray. This might seem silly to you, but a lot people care about how their stuff looks and what it says of them.

POM spray canisters come in either black, white, or grey and a choice of 10 ring colors. That comes to a total of 30 color options. No other pepper sprays come to this many color choices.

I am glad to see a pepper spray maker doing fun, and interesting things with their products.

The Can Design

POM sprays are the smallest pepper sprays with ½ ounce of sprays. Having used POM sprays, I can tell you they are comfortable and convenient to conceal.

There is a raised ridge below spray hole. This lets a user know their fingers won’t get in the way of the spray stream.

The plastic exterior case is made of an FDA approved plastic. There is no lead, toxins or other harmful chemicals in the plastic.

Are There Downsides to POM Pepper Sprays?

POM Industries makes an effective pepper spray, but that’s not the whole story.

I’ve tested 26 pepper sprays and I can tell you that bigger is better. The larger a pepper spray the more range, spray, and chances to stop an attacker. While POM pepper sprays will work for at least two attackers, I recommend carrying a larger pepper spray if it’s not too inconvenient. If you want to carry a pepper spray off-body in a bag or purse, then definitely carry a much larger pepper pepper spray.

Another drawback to POM sprays in the clear spray. Pepper sprays are aimed by putting the pepper spray and trigger thumb at noise level and directing the spray stream onto an attacker’s face. It’s more difficult see and do this with a clear spray. Also, it is more difficult to see if the spray makes good eye and nose contact with an attacker. I hope POM Industries adds color to the spray in the near future.

POM Pepper Spray Models

In addition to the color options, POM pepper sprays come with 3 retention options. These options are a quick-release keychain attachment, a clip, and a snap option.

The quick-release keychain attachment allows for fast detachment from a key ring.

The clip is meant to retain the pepper spray in a pocket.

The snap is for connecting the POM to any ring or lanyard.

Is POM Pepper Spray Right For You ?

POM pepper sprays are a good for stopping an attacker within 10 feet. These are definitely the best looking pepper sprays with 30 color options. No other pepper sprays come close to POM’s stylish nature.

POM is meant for pocket carry and it’s great for that. If you want to carry a pepper spray on a belt or off-body, then it’s better to carry a larger pepper spray.

I was able to accurately shoot the clear spray with my glasses on. However, people with poor vision might find it difficult to do the same.

Andrew Jordan

I’m a lifelong native of Memphis, TN. Shooting drills especially with 22LR are one of my passions. My concealed carry permit application was submitted on my 21st birthday. The P10C is my EDC pistol. I invented the patented 15 round 5.56 stripper clip. You can also find me on the “Concealed Carry Andrew” Youtube channel.

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