8 Reasons to Love Sabre Pepper Sprays

Sabre Pepper Sprays for EDC

When I started testing and reviewing pepper sprays, I quickly became a fan of Sabre pepper sprays. They have great features some of which are exclusive to Sabre pepper sprays. Also, they make several different types so there is a Sabre pepper for how you like to carry and for what size you are comfortable with. Also, Sabre’s quality control ensures the reliability and effectiveness of their pepper sprays. These and other aspects of Sabre the company and their products is why I recommend purchasing Sabre brand pepper sprays.

5 excellent Sabre pepper sprays are reviewed at the bottom. I tested all of them and they are all great. Just pick the one that has the right mix of firepower, comfort, and features for you.

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Long History of Making Self-Defense Sprays

Sabre was founded by Larry Nance in 1975. In the early years, Larry focused on producing CS tear gas defensive sprays. In 1985 Sabre began developing OC pepper sprays and in 1991 SABRE started selling SABRE Red pepper sprays.

Sabre’s produces several types of self-defense products. These include pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarms, and home security systems.

Quality Control and Product Testing

Quality control is one of the most important things a pepper spray maker must get right. Sabre puts a lot of focus on quality control. Sabre tests each batch of pepper spray liquid before it goes into a pepper spray canister. This testing is called high performance liquid chromatography or HPLC. HPLC separates, identifies, and quantifies each component in the liquid. This type of testing measures major capsinoids in the solution. Sabre considers this testing method superior to measuring pungency with the Scoville Scale. Sabre does all testing with it’s own in-house lab.

Customer Education and Training

Sabre has a good blog and Youtube channel. These are good sources of helpful information.

Sabre also offers two comprehensive personal safety courses. Theare the Civilian Safety Awareness Program and the College Safety Program. These a provided by Sabre’s approved independent instructors.

The Civilian Safety Awareness Programs teach the following.

  • How to discourage dangerous threats
  • Way to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Protection at a safe distance
  • How to use Sabre products effectively and responsibly
  • Personal safety skills for smart living

The College Safety Program teaches the following.

  • Travel Safety
  • Active Assailant/Active Shooter Response
  • Situational Awareness/How to be Prepared & Engaged in Emergencies
  • Basic Self-Defense
  • How to Use Pepper Gel & Personal Alarms
  • Sexual Assault Risk Reduction

Innovative Design

Sabre gets one thing right that is often lacking from other pepper spray brands which is the color of the pepper spray liquid. Most Sabre pepper sprays shoot a highly visible naturally pigmented reddish-orange spray. This color comes from the natural pigment of the red peppers used in the formulas. It’s super easy to see this spray move through the air and land on the target. Because pepper sprays are usually deployed in a stream or gel, the highly visible color helps with shooting and seeing the spray.

Also, Sabre pepper sprays have amazing features. One such spray, is the Dual Athlete pepper spray for runners. It comes with neon yellow reflective strip and armband. The reflective strip makes it easier for drivers to see a runner at night. I think an armband is the best way to carry a pepper spray while running. Most pepper sprays for runners are designed to be carried in hand while running. I think running with a pepper spray in a sweaty hand would get annoying. With Sabre’s Dual Athlete pepper spray, a runner can comfortably run with a pepper spray.

Sabre’s great design features are not limited to a simple armband. At the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, Sabre revealed the “SMART” Pepper Spray”. This pepper sprays connects to Sabre’s smartphone app with bluetooth. This allows the app to send a text message with the user’s location when the pepper spray is used. Users simply select contacts in the app that they want to receive these location text messages. Similarly, for a monthly fee of $4.99, the SABRE Personal Safety App will automatically alert 911 dispatchers to the real-time location of someone who used their SMART pepper spray.


Sabre pepper sprays can be purchased from Sabre’s web store or from several popular retailers. These include Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Bass Pro, and many others. I purchased my first Sabre pepper at my local Walmart. When I purchased pepper spray at Walmart my ID was checked so remember to bring that in.

Great Community Relations

Sabre has been a big supporter of my efforts to help my readers with their pepper spray needs. Specifically, Sabre gave me pepper sprays to review. Having spent more than $400 on pepper sprays, getting some complementary pepper sprays to review was a big help. This allowed me to work less and get reviews out faster.

Effective Self-Defense Tool

A Sabre pepper spray remains the only pepper spray I have used in self-defense. When I was delivering a package to someone’s home, I drove up a customer’s driveway as I normally did.There was a dog in the front yard. It seemed happy to see me at first. After I got out, it got hostile. It was just small enough that kicking would be enough to stop it from biting. With my pepper spray in hand,Idropped the package at the front door. When I rounded the corner to drive off, there were 3 dogs walking quickly toward me. The new dogs were much larger than the first. They all got a face full of Sabre pepper spray..

Large Variety

Sabre makes a BUNCH of different pepper sprays. Sabre makes pepper sprays for every type of carry method. Whether it’s on a key chain, in a pocket, on a belt, or in hand while running, Sabre has a pepper spray for any need and lifestyle. The 5 pepper sprays below are some of my favorites of the one’s I’ve tested and reviewed.

Sabre Red Tactical Pepper Spray

Full Disclosure: Sabre gave me this pepper spray at no charge.

The is one of the best pepper spray for belt carry. The belt clip goes on and comes off a belt easily. The safety and trigger work as they should. The surface area of the trigger is enormous. For users with large thumbs or who wear gloves, the large trigger is a huge benefit.

This features the highly visible orange spray that many Sabre pepper sprays have.

The spray canister is replaceable. This allows a user to practice with one canister and replace it. There are included instructions on how to remove the canister. I found the instructions unhelpful. They best way to remove the canister locking device is to pry it out with a butter knife.


  • Great Range
  • Good Belt Clip
  • High Visibility Orange Spray
  • Larger Trigger Surface
  • Replaceable Canister


  • Difficult to Remove Canister
  • Best Suited for Belt Carry


If you are definitely going to carry a pepper spray on a belt, then this a great pepper spray for you.

Advanced 3 in 1 Compact Pepper Spray with Clip

Advanced 3 in 1 Compact Pepper Spray with Clip

This is a good little pepper and tear gas spray. The clip makes a belt or pocket good spots to keep it. It has the standard swivel safety that so many pepper sprays have. It’s easy to use.

The clip is strong. It might do minor damage to the back of a belt. It did that to my belt.

The range is 8 to 10 feet. That’s the shortest I think an EDC pepper spray should shoot.

Some people are not affected by the OC pepper spray chemical. With tear gas, there are two powerful chemicals helping someone defend themselves.

There is UV marking die. That’s useful for law enforcement. The UV die, tear gas, and OC chemical make this a “3-in-1” pepper spray.


  • Tear Gas
  • Pocket or Belt Attached
  • Good Range


  • Kind of Small
  • Clip Might Damage a Belt


A good little pepper spray. Most pepper spray this small don’t have tear gas. If you value having an extra stopping compound, then is a good spray for you.

Tactical Pepper Gel with Belt Holster

Tactical Pepper Gel with Belt Holster

This is a very good spray. I found from my testing that it will shoot the claimed 18 foot range. 

The holster works good. It will hold the can securely. The holster goes on a belt with a belt loop. Because of this, a belt must be removed to take off or put on the holster. I wish SABRE has included a holster with a metal clip. A clip holster can be taken off or put on without removing the belt.

Even though it comes with a holster, this spray will fit comfortably in a loose pocket.

If you want a pepper spray to carry in a belt holster, then this is a very good option.


  • Long 18 Foot Range
  • Wind Fighting Gel
  • Good Belt Holster
  • Pocket Carry an Option


  • Belt Loop Holster / Not Metal Clip
  • Big for Pocket Carry


It’s great for carrying in a pocket or on a belt. It’s even better for users in windy areas because it shoots gel.

Keychain Pepper Spray with Quick Release

SABRE Keychain Pepper Spray with Quick Release

It feels good in hand. It has finger grooves. I’ve used pepper sprays without finger grooves and they work just fine. Having said that, these finger grooves work and they are not in the way. 

The range is 8 to 10 feet. That’s good enough for every day carry.

The keychain attachment is good. It has a release button. Pushing the button and pulling on the spray will release it.

The safety and trigger work as they should. They both have some resistance, but will move for any adult.

It shoots an orange spray. That color helps with aiming and seeing the spray on a target.


  • Quick Release Keychain Attachment
  • Decent Range
  • Orange Spray


  • Kind of Small


If you must keep a pepper spray on a keychain, then this is a great pepper spray for you.

Sabre Dual Athlete Pepper Gel with Armband

Sabre Dual athlete Pepper gel spray with Armband

Sabre made this pepper spray with runners in mind. It comes with an armband and reflexive strip.

It shoots pepper gel up to 10 feet. The gel is a highly visible orange color.

When running with this spray in the armband remember two things. Keep the reflexive strip pointed outward so it’s visible to passers by. Also, make sure the safety is not making body contact when running. Body contact might switch the safety off.


  • Good Range
  • Highly Visible Orange Gel
  • Armband
  • Reflective Strip


  • Swivel Safety


A great pepper spray for runners. If you know you want to carry a pepper spray in an armband, then this is for you.

Andrew Jordan

I’m a lifelong native of Memphis, TN. Shooting drills especially with 22LR are one of my passions. My concealed carry permit application was submitted on my 21st birthday. The P10C is my EDC pistol. I invented the patented 15 round 5.56 stripper clip. You can also find me on the “Concealed Carry Andrew” Youtube channel.

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