Ruger vs Kimber Pepper Spray

Holding Ruger Pepper Gun and Kimber Blaster II

I tested the Ruger pepper gun and the Kimber Blaster II. I shot both of them on paper and a dummy head. This is what I learned.

The Ruger pepper gun shoots a wide, foggy spray. The spray can easily get on the user and be moved by wind. It’s safety is not ambidextrous. The Kimber Blaster II shoots two gel blobs very fast. Wind will not move the gel much. It’s safety is ambidextrous.

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Kimber Blaster II Review

Kimber Blaster II on Table

Pros of Kimber Blaster II

The Kimber Blaster II shoots it’s two large, gel blobs at more than 110 miles per hour. The range is more than 13 feet. This pepper gun will fight wind better than most any other pepper shooter. The mass of the gel and the speed it moves leaves little time for wind movement. If you live in a very windy area, then stronger consider this pepper gun.

Shooting Kimber Blaster II

Unlike, most other pepper gun it has a front and rear sight.

The safety is ambidextrous. Right-handed and left-handed shooters can deactivate the safety with their trigger finger.

Kimber Blaster II safety use

Cons of Kimber Blaster II

With only two shoots, accuracy is super important. There just is not much margin for error with the Kimber Blaster II. Conversely with a spray pepper canister, a defender can move the stream onto an attacker’s face.

Also, the Kimber Blaster II shoots from the bottom hole first. When I tested this, my first shot was low because of this. Is someone using this spray really going to remember to aim high on the first shot? I doubt it. My second shot was more accurate because it was higher and closer to the sights.

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Kimber Blaster II - Tested and Reviewed

Ruger Pepper Gun Review

Ruger Pepper Gun on Table

Pros of Ruger Pepper Gun

The Ruger pepper gun is mostly a good spray. It’s wide, foggy spray creates a huge area of effect, and reduces the needs for great accuracy. The safety is easy for right-handed shooters to deactivate with their trigger finger. It’s very light and not inconvenient to carry. The trigger pulls back with a nice firm press.

Cons of Ruger Pepper Gun

The foggy spray can easily get on the shooter and bystanders especially with wind blowing. This is known as cross-contamination and it’s very bad if it happens. The purpose of a pepper spray is to blind, and choke an attacker to run away or fight away. A defender getting hit with their own spray will make running away or fighting away more difficult.

The safety is not ambidextrous. Left-handed shooters will need to use their right hand to deactivate the safety.

left handed safety removal for ruger pepper gun

In the video below, I moved toward the targets to get close up video of them after spraying. Don’t do this. It got blinded be this spray for 20 minutes.

Ruger Pepper Gun - Tested and Reviewed

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