How to Appendix Carry Without Printing

Andrew's T.Rex Arms Side Car Holster with P10C

When I first put on my appendix holster, I noticed a lot of printing. The mass of the pistol and extra magazine poked the shirt underneath and reduced concealment. After some research and troubleshooting, I learned how to appendix carry without printing.

An appendix holster with adjustable ride height and a claw will reduce printing. A belt worn above the hip and with plenty of notches will help push the claw into the belly. The cover garment should not be form fitting. It should be somewhat loose.

Appendix Holster Features

The importance of a high quality appendix holster cannot be over stated. Appendix holsters need two things to conceal without printing. One of these is the ability to adjust the ride height. The ride height is how high the pistol grip rises above the belt. Ride height adjustments are done by raising or lowering the belt clips. The pistol grip should be just high enough to be grabbed quickly. Having excess ride height exposes more of the pistol above the belt than is necessary. Doing this increases printing.

The pictures below show my holster with the highest and lower ride heights.

Higher Ride Height

Highest Ride Height

Lower ride height

Lowest Right Height

The difference between the highest and lowest ride height for my holster is 1/2 inch.

Because I have long slender fingers, I can still draw quickly with the lowest ride height. However, someone with thick fingers or who wears thick shooting gloves might have trouble getting a fast grip with the lowest ride height.

The second feature of a good appendix holster is the claw. The claw’s purpose is to get pushed by the belt. This pushing forces the pistol especially the grip closer to the belly. Look at what my pistol’s grip does when I push on the claw.

pushing on appendix claw

Pushing on Holster Claw

By pushing the full width of the belt on the full width of the claw, all of the pistol grip moves into my belly.

A belt for appendix carry needs to be worn a certain way. I’ll show you how below.

How to Wear a Belt with Appendix Carry

The belt needs to be worn above the hips. The hip bones put a hard limit on how tight the belt can be. The tighter the belt the more the claw gets pushed.

Something else that limits that sweet, sweet claw pushing is the belt notches. A standard leather belt might not have enough notches. Mine did not. Because of this, I twisted the point of a knife to make more notches.

Making Extra Belt Notches

Making Extra Belt Notches

The Right Shirts for Appendix Carry

A shirt for appendix carry needs to not cling tightly around the belly. A tight shirt will print the outline of the pistol. Look at me concealing with a tight and loose shirt.